Hi everyone, I’m hoping everyone’s having a happy eventful, fun filled life. I’m a huge fan of the medical field, and in the future I hope to share my journey through medicine 💉 💊 with you. I’m aiming for medical 👩🏻‍⚕️school, if not this blog will still have tons of other material that might be useful.  I’ve only recently got interested in skincare, so at some point I’ll have my daily routine and the products I use up on the blog, more on this later. I’ve also awakened a passion to cook 👩🏻‍🍳 in 2017 and I’m happy to say that it’s carried over to 2018. I hope to provide vegetarian and vegan recipes for my fellow followers. I’m also a huge fan of fashion; my wardrobe is divided into a work, school, home, and Punjabi wardrobe. I hope to share fashion advise with everyone and hopefully everyone will be able to use some of it. In the future I’ll show everyone how to do diy home decor, and I’ll provide the sources where I got the inspiration, as well as breaking down the cost of these projects. 🔨 For everyone who struggles with thinning hair and strands that break easily I hope to provide some diys and hair masks that have helped me. For any inquiries please feel free to contact me at